Voice Services

We specialize in professional open-source Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems on par with any of the largest proprietary vendors out there that are simple to use so that you spend more time being productive.

Take advantage of the high speed Internet connection that you are already paying good money for and use it to reduce your monthly costs by replacing your old analog, ISDN or T1 lines with a VoIP phone system.

  • Here are some of the most popular features:
  • Powerful voicemail that will also email you a copy of your message along with full caller ID info so that you can listen to your message from anywhere without having to dial in to the system.
  • Caller ID displayed on the phone.
  • Multi-line phones.
  • High quality speakerphone.
  • Follow me service that will ring other phones at the same time.
  • Soft phone app for smart phones that can connect directly to the system from anywhere you have a good wifi or cellular connection.
  • Fully detailed, yet easy to read call records.
  • Basic call center operations right out of the box.
  • Fully customizable to your needs.

We want to make sure that we “right size” your system for your exact needs now along with an eye to the future. All of our systems are completely scalable for whatever size you need now and down the road. We can set it up for just a single user or hundreds. The system can grow with you and we can increase or decrease the amount of phones or lines as your needs change.

We will work with you to go over your current setup and determine what the best option is for you because in the end if you are not a happy customer, we are not doing our job.